Pancaking Day

04 March, 2019

pancaking day

It’s Pancake Tuesday and so I thought I’d take a minute to talk about the OTHER kind of pancaking.

To most people Pancakes are a round, golden and flat and can often be accompanied by maple syrup or mashed potato (not normally at the same time) but for ostomates pancaking is an altogether different thing…

Pancaking is when output is collected around the stoma instead of going into the bag. Output for those of you not initiated, is the polite way of saying faeces and urine. It most often occurs because there is not enough air in the bag, creating a vacuum in which the bag sticks to the stoma.

This is quite a common issue for ostomates and so I wanted to ask YOU for your tips, hints and tricks on dealing with this problem, and I will be updating our blog and social media with all your tips!

Either email: info@ColostomyUK or use the hashtag #pancakingday on social media

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