Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257

Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257

Creating a ‘Stoma Aware’ United Kingdom

Our Stoma Aware campaign aims to tackle the stigma that still exits in some areas of society. The more society understands the easier it will become for people with stomas to lead fulfilling live


Our quick video explains why it’s important to be #StomaAware

We are campaigning to ensure that facilities across the UK meet the needs of people  living with a stoma. Our crusade to create a Stoma Aware UK includes:

How you can get involved

  • Download and share our infographic (above) and help to make others #StomaAware
  • Download and share our information video about how many people have a stoma, and the reasons why. You can also download and share our educational video ‘What is a stoma’
  • Download and print our Stoma Friendly toilets letter to present to businesses and other organisations, explaining the changes they can make so their facilities are suitable for ostomates, and how they can get in touch with us for support
  • Work with us to encourage organisations to become more Stoma Aware. Get in touch at getinvolved@colostomyuk.org

Stoma Friendly Toilets

  • Working with businesses, public bodies and policymakers to improve toilet facilities.
  • Raising public awareness of the stigma many ostomates face when using accessible toilets.
  • Find out more about stoma friendly toilets.

Travelling through UK Airports

Stoma Aware Training

Colostomy UK has been delivering Stoma Aware training for a number of years; however, the current format was introduced in 2017. The training seeks to educate organisations about the needs of ostomates, and the nature of hidden conditions. We educate organisations about what a stoma is, why someone might have a stoma and talk about ‘stoma stigma’. We talk about toilets, ostomates practical and emotional needs, infrastructure, and staff behaviour. At the end of the training, we act as a critical friend, supporting organisations to change their policies and procedures and overcome institutional prejudice.

If you have a bad experience, or if you know an organisation who would benefit from this training, please email hello@colostomyuk.org. Find out more about Stoma Aware Training.

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