Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257

Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257


We are campaigning to ensure that facilities across the UK meet the needs of people  living with a stoma. Our crusade to create a #StomaAware society includes:

Stoma Friendly Toilets – 

  • Working with businesses, public bodies and policymakers to improve toilet facilities.
  • Raising public awareness of the stigma many ostomates face when using accessible toilets.

Travelling through UK Airports

  • Working with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to educating airport staff on the issues and challenges ostomates face at airport security.

Fighting the ‘Poo Taboo’

We want hidden conditions to be understood and accepted by all. Our vision is of communities in which everyone is empowered to reach their potential. We fight the ‘Poo Taboo’ by:

  • Leading an annual Awareness Day.
  • Promoting positive and powerful stories of people living with a stoma.
  • Encouraging brave voices in the ostomy community to share their stories.


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