We are all different. Some ostomates can eat anything. Others have found that it is best to avoid certain foods.

In the early days following surgery people can struggle to get back to a normal diet.. The introduction of solid food helps the gut to begin to work as normal and allows the stool to thicken and become less watery. It is important to eat as well as possible as soon as your surgeon allows, as this will help to establish a normal stoma output.

Our Healthy Eating booklet offers advice on getting the balance right with your diet and advice on common problems and concerns, which are also covered in our stoma problems section.

If you suspect a food causes problems, try it at least three times, separated by an interval of a couple of weeks, before eliminating it altogether. Keeping a food and symptom diary and looking for a trend can sometimes help to identify a food which may be causing a problem.


In this video clip Sophie Medlin, Dietitian at www.citydietitians.co.uk talks about why food might affect ostomates differently and why certain foods might cause irritation.

Sophie also talks about why hydration is more important for people who have undergone stoma surgery.

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