Stoma reversal

Improved surgical techniques mean that operations to form permanent stomas are declining. Temporary stomas allow the bowel to rest and heal.Your healthcare professional will advise whether stoma reversal is possible.

The outcome of reversal surgery depends on how much and which part of the bowel has been removed. If very little of the rectum remains, then it is likely that bowel control will be impaired.

In deciding whether to proceed with a reversal we recommend you:

  • Read our Reversal booklet which provides you with information from the perspective of a surgeon and a stoma care nurse.
  • Ask the consultant and/or stoma care nurse for detailed information regarding the proposed surgery and the realistic outcome in terms of hospital stay, recovery time and expected bowel function both in the short and long-term.
  • Speak to others who have had a reversal. Colostomy UK has a number of volunteers who you could talk to.


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