Angela jarvis

Angela Jarvis:  Support and Finance Co-ordinator

Angela joined our office team in August 2020. She started her career working with a number of accountancy firms but came to us from the supporter care team of an international charity

Angela has got into the swing of things at Colostomy UK very quickly. This is just as well because life in our small admin team is hectic to say the least. If you ever call or e-mail us, then there is a good chance you will speak to Angela to begin with. Likewise, if you order something from our online shop, want to register with us or amend your details, it’s Angela who will help!

In her spare time Angela enjoys many hobbies, including listening to live music and arts and crafts. As often as she can, Angela heads off to camp in the countryside, relaxing with a cup of tea and good book, with a preference for science fiction.

You can contact Angela direct by e-mail: angela.jarvis@colostomyuk.org or by phone.

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