Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257

Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257

Active Ostomates: at Home
Virtual Yoga Classes

Helping you be an Active Ostomate. 

Our Active Ostomates: at Home Yoga classes with Lisa are back for another 8 week run starting at 6pm on Wednesday September 29th then every Wednesday until November 17th inclusive. To book your fee place just complete the form below.

The classes are down to earth, accessible and deeply nourishing, focusing on useful ways to move and breathe. A typical class will include body awareness, breathing techniques, preparing the joints, mindful slow flowing movements & postures, meditation and relaxation.

These classes will allow you to find freedom and peace in your body and mind & access a yoga toolbox you can bring into your daily life. The health benefits mentally and physically are endless for everyone regardless of age or abilities.

All you’ll need is a mat, a blanket and a cushion. We recommend that you wear a support garment or belt when taking part in these sessions. Please complete the form below to sign up.

About Lisa

Lisa has been a qualified yoga instructor and owner of Finding Space Yoga since 2017. As well as working with Colostomy UK she runs her own community sessions and also works with Oakfield Retirement Homes, gyms, leisure centres, wellness studios, schools & businesses in and around Manchester. Lisa has been working with Colostomy UK since 2019 delivering sessions to stoma support groups primarily in the Midlands and North of England.
Website https://www.findingspaceyoga.co.uk/

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