Creative Minds Art Sessions

Something to stimulate the mind as well as the body, as well as being a fun activity. We provide all of the art supplies and aprons so there’s nothing to stop people from getting involved. The sessions are delivered by our partners and friends, Creative Minds and delivered through stoma support groups. The sessions are free to attend however please contact the group first to confirm that you would like to attend

The following blog was written after our initial pilot sessions in Bracknell and Wycombe. You can also read more about the project here

Dates for 2020

Bradford Stoma Support Group lisa.hall –
March 3

Guildford Fiona –

May 16

Harrogate  Gill –

August 27

Nottingham QMC Mike –
October 17

Sheppey Ostomy Group Support Shell –
April 2 -postponed

July 2

Shropshire Bums on Tums (BOTS) Irene –
February 13, November 12

Skipton stoma support group  Sarah –

November 7

Stevenage Ostomistics Judy –
February 27
April 24 – postponed
June 26
August 20
October 22
December 8

Wessex Stoma Support group Ken –
April 4 -postponed

Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead & Slough stoma support (WAMS) Isabel –
April 6 – postponed

September 14

Wycombe – Sue

March 13

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