Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE)

Recently, Colostomy UK has been involved in the Centre for Access to Football in Europe’s (CAFE) Expert Working Group on non-visible disabilities and long-term health conditions. CAFE is a UEFA Football Social Responsibility (FSR) partner and works to improve access and inclusion for disabled people and people with long-term health conditions across football.

The Expert Working Group have advised on the best practice in managing accessible services, stadium facilities, ticketing, terminology and on engaging non-visibly disabled spectators and those with long-term health conditions.

CAFE has recently launched the next stage of the project, the CAFE Non-Visibly Disabled Fans Survey. They want to hear from non-visibly disabled people and people with long-term health conditions, to learn more about the existing matchday services available and to identify any other matchday barriers they may face.

Please do get involved by completing the survey and / or by sharing the CAFE Non-Visibly Disabled Fans Survey with anyone who is non-visibly disabled or who has a long-term health condition. You do not need to be a football fan or attend matches to complete the survey.

The survey is also open to people with an understanding of some of the barriers faced by non-visibly disabled people. For example, if they accompany a disabled person / person with a long-term health condition to events, are their personal assistant or support worker, or are their partner, family member or close friend. However, CAFE encourages such people to consider whether they can support the disabled person to complete the survey instead.

The survey is available online or can be downloaded as a Word document. This can be adapted to suit the individual’s access requirements, or can be translated into their native language. An Easy-to-read version will be published in the coming weeks.

More information and instructions for how to complete the survey can be found on the CAFE website. The survey will close on Friday 15th May at 1800 CET.


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