Hitting our 66,000km target together

01 September, 2019

Colostomy UK hitting our 66000km target together

Every step you take helps us towards our goal. You don’t need to run marathons! Stoma 66 is all about putting more focus on being active over a longer period of time and making small but positive changes to your life. So set a goal that works for you. Some ideas to inspire you:


  • Walking the dog.
  • Walking to the shops instead of catching a bus or driving.
  •  Mowing the lawn.
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Swimming 100m a week at the pool.
  • Take up jogging using the NHS Couch to 5k app.


More active

  1. Walking or cycling to work.
  2. Playing a weekly game of tennis.
  3. Going for a country hike.
  4. Playing for a local team.
  5. Taking part in your local park run.



  • Take part in a 10k run or marathon.
  • Swim the length of the English Channel in your local pool.
  • Climb Snowden, Ben Nevis or take on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge.

Colostomy UK recommends that before taking up our challenge you speak with your stoma care nurse or GP.



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