Irrigation transforms lives! However, it must first be discussed  and taught by a stoma care nurse, as irrigation is not suitable for all. Between irrigating, there is  usually no need for a colostomy bag to be worn. Instead the stoma can be covered by a cap. For greater piece of mind, some irrigators wear a small bag. Irrigation is now a well established method of bowel management.

What is irrigation?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, irrigation is a method of colostomy management which involves using specialist equipment to introduce warm water into the bowel via the stoma. The water causes muscular contractions (peristalsis) in the bowel, which in turn causes it to expel its contents. Many colostomates  prefer this method of colostomy management as it gives them a sense of control.

You can find out more about irrigation in our Introduction to Irrigation Booklet or by speaking to one of our volunteers. You can also buy a copy of our ‘Colostomy irrigation and you’ DVD in our shop

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