Stoma problems

Most people are able to live life with a stoma as they did before their surgery. But sometimes stoma problems arise which cause concern. The following sections provide further information along with booklets, factsheets and useful articles  along with some hints and tips for overcoming problems. A lot of the issues are covered in our ‘Living with a stoma‘ booklet

Parastomal Hernia 

Rectal Discharge
Wind, Diarrhoea and Constipation
Sore Skin/Leakage

Don’t forget that you can also call our free helpline and we can arrange for you to speak to a volunteer with a stoma who has experienced the same problem. Although they won’t be able to give you medical advice, it can be reassuring to talk with someone that understands. If you aren’t a member already, then you might want to consider joining our closed Facebook support group too.

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