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New dates announced!

Join us for a four week course in Colour and Paint starting at 7pm on Tuesday November 17th.

Practice using different tones & hues of colour and try colour mixing with guidance and simple exercises.

You will need to purchase paints, brushes and paper to participate at a total cost of around £10. See details below for suggested links to purchase them.

Class dates.

7pm to 7.45pm.

November 17th
November 24th
December 1st
December 8th

Class description

Using a simple set of 8 gouache paints, participants will investigate primary, secondary and complementary colours.  The paints are water-based and easy to use.

Enjoy looking at the difference between tone and hue.  Mix and match colours; learn how to mix neutrals and greys.

Discover how colours affect each other and work together and when and how to use different brushes.

The students will use colour to create mood, light and space in their paintings, working from the screen to make simple colourful still lifes.  Suitable for all levels, focus is on enjoyment and the process of discovery!

Equipment needed

two water pots, kitchen roll or rags, large flat white plate or palette

Brushes such as the following

Paint set such as the following

Paper such as the following

The technology

Zoom is the technology used. It is very simple. You just click on the link emailed to you to join the class 5-minutes before it starts. When you click the link you will be asked if you would like to download zoom. Click ‘allow’ and begin.

About Louise Bradley, your teacher for the class

Louise Bradley is a visual artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne and has taught drawing for over 20 years.  She works directly from life, using drawing as the foundation of her paintings and prints.


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