FIT for Lynch Syndrome Study

05 November, 2020

Kings College London are conducting a research study, “FIT for Lynch syndrome”, which aims to observe the efficacy of the at-home self-sampling kit known as the faecal immunochemical test (FIT) in patients with Lynch Syndrome. They are also hoping to understand attitudes and preferences towards the use of this diagnostic device.

FIT is self-sampling kit (known as “FIT” for short), routinely used as part of the NHS’ bowel cancer screening programme in which these kits are sent to individuals home as soon as they turn 55, but there is little evidence within the literature on how FIT can be used in patients with Lynch Syndrome. The Chief Investigator of this study is Dr. Kevin Monahan of St. Mark’s Hospital (London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust), with several other genetics and gastroenterology consultant Co-Investigators throughout the NHS.

The only requirements for patients to take part in this study would include the 1) completion of a FIT kit (1 sent at the start of the study and every year thereafter for 5 years, all of which can be collected in the comfort of the patient’s home and will be sent via post with pre-stamped envelopes for return to the lab), the completion of a one-time (baseline) questionnaire, in addition to a lab request/consent form. All of these items would be posted to eligible patients at least 1 week prior to their routine colonoscopy and should take no more than 30 minutes to complete in total.

The study team has since developed the research documents that will be sent to patients as part of this study and we would therefore be grateful for any insights or feedback individuals with Lynch may have in the potential improvement of any of the following research documents:

Pre-notification letter for patients
Study invitation letter
Patient Information Sheet/leaflet
Patient questionnaire
FIT kit: step-by-step instruction sheet

If you would like to take part in the review and feedback process please email annie.lincoln@kcl.ac.uk expressing interest.

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