Rectal Discharge

It is normal for ostomates who still have their rectum in place to experience rectal discharge and to pass clear or putty coloured mucus from their anus. Even though motions now pass out through the stoma, the rectum continues to produce the mucus that was previously used as a lubricant to assist the passage of food and waste. The booklets and factsheets below provide further information about rectal discharge and offer ways to cope.

Coping with Rectal discharge

Over time, many people develop their own coping strategies. What’s important, is to understand you are not  alone and other people are experiencing the same problems. It can be helpful to discuss your concerns with someone you can trust. Don’t forget that you can call our 24-hour free helpline to speak to a volunteer who can advise and support you.

If the rectal discharge is blood or pus, or the mucus is streaked with blood this should be reported to your GP or consultant as it may be an indication of inflammation or infection in the remaining redundant bowel.

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