Colostomy multiple granulomas

Granulomas are small, red, raised areas on or around the stoma. They develop as a result of over-healing of damaged skin on the stoma surface, possibly due to friction from the bag. Some, but not all, stoma granulomas can cause bleeding and discomfort. Also, if they are large they may prevent pouch adhesion which may result in leakage problems.

Available treatment

Your stoma care nurse will take you through the treatment available, the main option being silver nitrate applied to the granulomas approximately two to three times a week. This needs to be done by a healthcare professional, either the consultant, stoma care nurse or your GP. A stoma paste can be applied to prevent friction on the stoma surface and a lubricating gel placed in the pouch can help prevent the pouch rubbing on the stoma surface.

If you think you may have stoma granulomas, then please contact your stoma care nurse for a review.

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