A skincare routine that’s as individual as you

29 June, 2023

A skincare routine that’s as individual as you

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Say hello to our Stoma Skin Care Accessories range, ESENTA™ – enabling you to build your ideal skincare routine, and your confidence.

It’s designed to protect and care for your skin, ensure a healthy bond with your pouching system for peace of mind, give you the reassurance of added security and the relief of gentle pouch removal.

All so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Our comprehensive range spans preparation, application, security and removal. Simply choose the products that work for you and build a routine that can give you the confidence to get back to doing the things you love to do.


ESENTA™ Skin Barrier Spray and Wipes

  • Creates a protective layer between the skin and the pouching system
  • Protects skin from stool, urine, adhesives, and skin stripping
  • Protects skin for up to 72 hours

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Orahesive® Powder

  • For use on skin requiring absorption of moisture and protection from damage and to facilitate application of stoma care appliances.
  • Helps form a protective barrier on excoriated or weeping skin.

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2. Application

Stomahesive® Seals

  • Improves the seal around the stoma to prevent leaking under the pouching system
  • Fills uneven skin surfaces to create a secure platform for improved adhesion
    • Easy to apply and gentle to remove
    • Discrete, slim profile

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 Stomahesive® Skin Barrier Paste

  • Enhances the seal of the pouching system to protect against leaks
  • Fills uneven areas under the pouching system
  • Can be easily removed

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ease Strips

  • Help secure the outer edges of the pouching system
  • Prevent the edges from rolling or lifting from the skin

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 Diamonds™ Gelling and Odour Control Sachets

  • Super absorbent gelling sachets
  • Solidifies liquid contents and reduces or eliminates excess gas
  • Helps achieve a flatter pouch, greater comfort, and security

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ESENTA™ Adhesive Remover

  • Fast and easy release of the pouching system from the skin
  • Quickly removes adhesive residue
  • Sting free, with 100% silicone formulation that feels silky and smooth

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“Hello, departure lounge”

Maggie uses ESENTA™ Skin Barrier, ESENTA™ Adhesive Remover Wipes, Stomahesive® Seals and Diamonds™ Sachets to feel at ease while on her travels.

“Even on the road, my stoma’s taken care of. If I have to change my stoma bag, I’m able to do so and fully clean the skin. If my stoma goes a bit crazy on the plane, I can control the consistency of it and the odour.”

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