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Travel Tips: airport scanners and security

Ostomates travelling through international airports are especially concerned  about the full body image scanners that have been introduced.

16 July, 2019

Colostomy UK: scanners and security

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Are you up for a new challenge?

Remember our 50K Challenge?? Stay tuned for version 2.0 coming this September!

It will be a little bit different than last year but with the same aims in mind, encouraging people with a stoma to get active, using their stories to inspire others, and showing that as a community we can do anything!

16 July, 2019

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Queen Alexandra Hospital awarded 2019 Purple Iris award

Queen Alexandra Hospital have been awarded the 2019 Colostomy UK Purple Iris award.

The award which has been running biennially since 2013, is voted for by patients and recognises outstanding stoma care in community and clinical settings.

15 July, 2019

Iris award winners stoma care Colostomy Uk

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