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“I want to keep inspiring the world” meet Michael Valentin

Michael Valentin has been through a lot for a 19 year old.
In February last year he grabbed the world’s attention when after his fourth win as a professional boxer he pulled his shorts down to reveal he has a stoma.
This weekend he’s back in the ring and we’re proud to reveal he’ll be fighting as the latest member of Team Colostomy UK

17 April, 2019

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Swim with a stoma: 3 tips to boost confidence

Swimming is considered to be one of the best forms of excercise as it works out every part of your body whilst putting minimum strain on your muscles. It is also however, a major source of anxiety for most ostomates who may worry about leakage or people noticing their bag. Here are some simple tips to take in order feel more comfortable taking a dip.

13 April, 2019

swim with a stoma: 3 tips to boost confidence

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The Paul Anderson story

Paul Anderson played five times for England and ten for Great Britain in an illustrious career that brought a string of honours in eight years at Bradford Bulls. Remarkably, all of which were won shortly after ‘Baloo’, as he is known to all in the game, had a colostomy – also known as a stoma

12 April, 2019

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