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Herbert’s Tale

Dave’s stoma, Herbert has kindly written an article about his life and times as well as a few tips for other stomas.

23 January, 2019

colostomy uk _ herbert's tale

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Quit your resolution?

We are mere days into the new year and people will have already started to throw in the towel. Was this you? Even if it wasn’t, then hopefully the advice below will help you to improve your chances of success…

21 January, 2019

colostomy uk: quit your resolution?

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The Tour de Stoma

It was while in hospital that one of the stoma care nurses mentioned to him and his wife that many people with stomas suffer from problems with their body image. On the 9th June 2018 around a thousand cyclists took to the streets of London as part of the 15th Annual World Naked Bike Ride, and Geoff was determined to be one of them…

15 January, 2019

colostomy uk _ the tour de stoma(1)

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