Have Your Say on the Companies Who Deliver Your Stoma Supplies

The British Healthcare Trades Association want to set up a patient panel to give feedback on the service they receive from pharmacies and dispensing appliance contractors. The latter are also sometimes known as DACS and are the companies who deliver your supplies.

The panel will consist of approximately 300 patients who have had a stoma for at least 12 months. Panel members must be willing to complete a 10–minute survey four times a year, about the service they have received around both ordering stoma supplies and having them delivered.

The British Healthcare Trades Association say: “We would welcome and value your honest feedback. Your supplier will not be able to identify your personal responses. All comments you make will be included in the feedback report, but all attempts will be made to remove information that could identify you.”

You can register to take part through the following web link https://cfep.net/wKx3LR and once they have the full panel in place, the British Healthcare Trades Association will contact you with further background information on the survey objectives and process.

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