Fundraising Events

Interested in fundraising for us? A successful event doesn’t need to raise huge amounts of money. Rest Assured, whether it be £5 or £500, Colostomy UK will put it to good use. As you’ll see from our stories below, fundraising is not just extremely rewarding, but can be fun too. If you would like one of our fund-raising packs, which includes lots of hints and tips about organising an event, then call us or click here.


If organising events isn’t your thing, then you could always consider asking people to sponsor you, whether it be to run a half marathon, or to stay silent for a day!

Click here to set up your Just Giving online sponsorship page.  You can also set up a fundraising page through Facebook here We recommend you do this, as it saves chasing sponsorship money and keeps everyone updated about your fundraising challenge.

And finally…

Please don’t forget to tell us what you are doing. We are here to support your efforts in every way we can, including fundraising materials, sponsorship forms or just advice on where to start.


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