Active Ostomates

Colostomy UK’s Active Ostomates project empowers people with a stoma to participate in physical activity.

Part of the  project offers taster sessions in activities including chair yoga, archery, and swimming. Undertaken in a supportive environment, these enable people with a stoma to build their confidence before taking up similar activities in the wider community.

Our chair yoga programme is delivered in partnership with Stoma support groups. So far groups in Bracknell, Stevenage, Hampshire, Wycombe, Chatham, Dartford, Gravesend, Chester, Southampton, Milton Keynes, Sheppey, Salisbury and Colchester have taken part. In 2019 we are also actively be looking to run sessions in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

We launched our swimming programme in 2018. Ostomates in Kent were the first to benefit through two Ostomate only sessions that were held at Sheppey Leisure Centre.

October 2018 sees us hosting a month of swimming in the North East with activity in Newcastle, Gateshead, and Bishop Auckland.

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Team Colostomy UK

Our Team Colostomy UK Rugby League side aims to prove that having a stoma isn’t a barrier to taking part in the toughest of team sports. Find out more

Through both our @TeamColostomyUK twitter fed and on here we’ll also be featuring stories of Profeessional Athletes and every day people who are being #ActiveOstomates after surgery.

One example is Kieran McNamara. Here is his story.

“I’m now in my 40’s but I’ve had a stoma since I was 22 years old. I love rugby and played competitive rugby union until three years ago. I also played a lot of rugby league: I was lucky enough to play for Ireland Students in the Four Nations back in the day. A stoma can be an inconvenience and bowel disease a nuisance but I was determined to continue playing rugby even if it meant playing at a lower level than I had wished.

A back injury three years ago put an end my playing career, and to make up, I try to play touch regularly. I have ongoing problems with Crohn’s disease so I’m not as fit as I would but I love having the ball in my hands.

Up until now I have never shared the fact that I have a stoma outside of my family and a few close friends. I hid the fact throughout my career, none of my team mates ever knew. Why should they? I never saw any reason to share this information; I was no different from anybody else. For protection, I always wore a stoma guard and lower back support, which covered up my abdomen. After the game, I showered discreetly when the others had left. Torn hamstrings, broken noses, fractured fingers and battered pride were the norm but my stoma never came to harm.

I was thrilled to read about Team Colostomy UK  Rugby Leagueand would love to join up with you sometime. I moved to Paris from Ireland 11 years ago so perhaps it’s time to get a France or Ireland team together!”

Darts – Julians Story

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