Active Ostomates

Our Active Ostomates project is all about helping people to get active after surgery, improving their physical and mental wellbeing, and getting their lives back on track as soon as possible.

Download a copy of our booklet ‘Active ostomates: sport and fitness after stoma surgery’. If you would like us to send you a hardcopy, then email or call our Adminline on 0118 939 1537.

The booklet is packed full of useful information. There are a range of exercises you can do at home, all of which have been approved by healthcare professionals. These will aid your post-op recovery and help prevent hernias. There is also advice on stoma management while you are active and details of how to get involved in all sorts of sports and other activities.

We also deliver activities through support groups and in connection with stoma care nurses across the country. These include chair yoga, swimming, creative minds arts sessions and even archery! The hope is that by allowing ostomates to try these in a supportive environment and with people they are comfortable with, they will build enough confidence to participate in similar activities in the wider community.

If you run a support group or are a member of a support group and would like to discuss what we could do with your group then please get in touch with Giovanni our Fundraising and Development Manager. You can e-mail him on or phone him on 0118 939 1537.


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