Running when you have a stoma: Rebecca’s top tips

19 January, 2020

Rebecca is an ostomate and keen runner.

These are her top tips on how you can get in to running after stoma surgery.

1- Core work 

Use a core recovery programme as soon as recommended by medical staff after surgery.  Continue to use these exercises alongside any running.

2- Hernia-prevention support

There is a wide range of hernia-prevention support available on prescription and your stoma nurse will be able to  discuss what would work well for you.  You can get up to three garments a year on prescription.

3-Take gradual steps & don’t be afraid to walk

It is easy to forget what your body has been through with the illness or injury that necessitated your stoma; take gradual steps.  Walk for a longer distance than you plan to run first, and jog or walk in between running if needed.

4- Listen to your body

Some aches are normal when running but if you feel pain then stop!  Take a break and reduce the intensity and/or speed.

5- Make sure your bag is secure before you start running

Take an extra few minutes to make sure your bag is fitted well; use flange extenders or Barrier Sprays to help. NHS prescription underwear is great for keeping your bag away from your skin and for absorbing sweat.

6 – Enjoy being active!


Colostomy UK recommend that you always speak to your stoma nurse or GP before starting an exercise programme.

Our ‘sport & fitness after stoma surgery’ booklet is full of great tips on how to get active. download your copy here today

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