Travel advice

Having a stoma should not prevent you from travelling at home or abroad. The important thing is to plan ahead and be prepared. Take plenty of supplies and always make sure that you carry an emergency travel kit in case you need to change your bag away from home.

We can offer comprehensive travel advice to help you and lots of useful information is contained in our Travel Advice booklet and in the resources below. We’ve also put together a handy travel checklist. You may find our  travel certificate useful, which explains to the security staff what a stoma is and what your supplies look like. It is endorsed by the Civil Aviation Authority and you can download it here.

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Air Travel
Airports are increasingly offering accessible support, so it is worth visiting your airport’s website well in advance of travel to find out what help is available. Further information can be found on the links.

London Gatwick
Manchester Airport

We are working with a number of major UK Airports including Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester to increase awareness and recognition of the needs of travellers with hidden conditions.

This includes membership of Heathrow’s Accessible Travel forum, and the Accessibility Forum at Manchester Airport.

We also work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA,) and through membership of their Access to Travel panel, aim to positively influence all future guidance that is issued to Airports and Airlines.

We are also able to deliver training to UK airports on request. You can find out more about this on our campaigns page  and in the following article –Have bag, can travel

A comprehensive list of travel insurance providers can be found below in our downloadable resources.


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