Stoma Aware day 2021

23 September, 2021

Saturday 2nd October sees us celebrate our second Stoma Aware day.

We see Stoma Aware day as an opportunity to tell the world what a stoma is, and the challenges people with stomas face every day.

The more society understands the easier it will become for people with stomas to lead fulfilling lives.

We need your help to achieve this and you can get involved by shouting out on social media, sharing our graphics and videos, and telling the world why it’s important to you that everyone is more Stoma Aware. Please visit our special Stoma Aware day 2021 page for more details.

We would also like to hear from you about how having a stoma impacts on your day-to-day life in the United Kingdom. We also want to know what you think about Colostomy UK and how well supported you feel by healthcare professionals.

It’s a short survey and should only take 5 minutes for you to complete, so please feel free to answer them as comprehensively as you like! Your responses will help us better understand what matters to you and will shape the future direction of our campaigns and support services as we shoot for our goal of a more Stoma Aware United Kingdom. You can take part here

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