Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257

Helpline We’re here 24 hours a day: 0800 328 4257

Dave Thraves – My dignity has been restored

15 May, 2021

Saturday 15th May is Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness Day. A spinal cord injury may interrupt communication between the nerves in the spinal cord that control bladder and bowel function and the brain, causing incontinence*. Stoma surgery can drastically improve quality of life as Dave Thraves explains.

Mental Health Awareness Week – Looking after you

13 May, 2021

We are all forever telling each other to ‘take care’ but when was the last time you looked after yourself? Indeed, what does that even mean? During Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re pleased to share some of what we’ve learned at Colostomy UK along the way… and the different ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that can help you to best look after yourself.

Vegetarian and vegan diets for ostomates

10 May, 2021

It’s national vegetarian week in the UK so it’s a great time to talk about plant-based diets! Consultant Dietitian Sophie Medlin has written some fantastic advise for vegetarian and vegan ostomates (and those looking to include more plants in their diet).

World Ovarian Cancer Day – Fiona Munro’s Story

08 May, 2021

On World Ovarian Cancer Day, we’re sharing Fi Munro’s story. In 2017 she wrote in our support magazine, Tidings, about her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, stoma surgery and the impact on her life.

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