‘it’s everyone’s journey’ – making transport more inclusive

26 February, 2020

Public transport is at the heart of modern life. And at Colostomy UK we want public transport to be truly inclusive and disabled people to be able to travel as confidently as other passengers.

However, at present too many disabled people say that
they don’t feel confident using public transport and 1 in 4
say that negative attitudes from other passengers prevent
them from travelling. 1

That’s why we’re supporting the Department for
Transport’s new campaign, ‘it’s everyone’s journey’. The
research behind the campaign shows that our unconscious
behaviours can have an impact on disabled passengers.
So we’re encouraging everyone to make small changes
to their behaviour when travelling, such as:

• Be prepared to help each other
• Be patient with each other
• Respect all accessible toilet users

We hope the campaign will encourage us all to make
the changes needed to create a more supportive travel
environment for disabled passengers.To find out more about the campaign,
visit gov.uk/everyonesjourney

1 Independent. Confident. Connected., SCOPE, 2018

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