Colostomy Association reaches 23,000 supporters

26 April, 2016

More people are receiving support from the Colostomy Association than ever before as the UK stoma charity reaches 23,000 supporters.

The Colostomy Association – a UK charity which provides information, advice and support to adults and children living with a stoma – has just announced a 20% increase in followers between April 2015 and April 2016 with 4,000 individuals registering as supporters of the charity.

The surge in supporters coincides with the launch of several major projects from the Colostomy Association in the past year. These include: Stoma Aid – an international aid service, workshops for professional and unpaid carers of people with a stoma, as well as a variety of new campaigns targeted at improving the quality of life of people living with a stoma across the UK.

A spokesperson for the Colostomy Association said: “In the past few years we have started to see a real breakdown in the stigma often experienced by people who live with a stoma.

“This change in attitudes both among the general public and the ostomy community has empowered many individuals to seek out advice, information and support that otherwise would have felt isolated by their condition”.

The Colostomy Association defines a supporter as someone who receives their free quarterly magazine, Tidings. In the past year the charity has also seen its Facebook Support Group reach 4,000 members and its email mailing list grow to 1,000 subscribers after being launched in late 2014.

The stoma support charity intends to continue strengthening its free core services in its 11th year as well as developing its campaigns to improve the quality of life for people with a stoma.

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