newwebsitecoldayColostomy Day – 7th October

Whether it be a colostomy, Ileostomy or urostomy, the fact is stoma surgery saves and improves lives. People with stomas work, play, have children, raise families and run marathons, but still there is a stigma attached to having to having one. We need to change this. Let’s celebrate how super stomas are!

Colostomy Day is our opportunity to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and show the world what it actually means to live with a stoma. Whether it was because of cancer, Crohns, ulcerative colitis, or trauma to the bowel, we need to tell people that stoma surgery made the difference.

Join us on Saturday 7th October for Colostomy Day – our national awareness day – where super stomas are the theme. It’s time to celebrate and tell the world just how great they are.

How can you get involved?

Social Media

We want to get #superstoma trending. So please share your #superstoma on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You could post a picture like the one here or, if you don’t fancy showing your bag, then just do a ‘thumbs up’ where the bag would be. And don’t forget to involve your family and friends. They can do a clothed ‘thumbs up’ too.

Share your story

Celebrate your stoma and how it saved your life. We will be featuring stories across on our blog and social media. Alternatively, why not let the local paper know or perhaps turn your story into a blog. Let’s raise awareness of the different issues that lead to stoma surgery and let the world know that anybody, regardless of age or background can have a stoma. Logos are available to download below if you want to use them as part of your story.

Become a Superhero 

And do a run, swim or bike ride. Maybe instead, you could hold a superhero themed bake sale or just do good deeds for the day?

Join our Thunderclap  

Join our thunderclap campaign to send a mass tweet on Colostomy Day

If you are planning on holding an event, raising some funds for us or taking part in an activity, then let us know. We can spread the word and also send you one of our Colostomy Day t-shirts and information packs. Together we can raise awareness.

Huge thanks to the wonderful people that took part in our photoshoot. Sarah Squire, Ian Jackson, Jackie Dudley, Shell Lawes and Abi Brown. You can find out more about their super stoma stories in the run up to Colostomy Day 



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