This girl can! Felicity’s story

26 September, 2018

felicity stoma rugby

As Team Colostomy UK Rugby League continues to grow so do the opportunities for people to get involved.

People such as Felicity Reid, who after temporary stoma surgery is pulling on our colours as part of our planned Tag Rugby League project. It’s the perfect opportunity for men and women to play non contact Rugby in a social setting. here’s Felicity’s story

‘In December 2016 I was diagnosed with a full thickness rectal prolapse.

In early January 2017 I had an operation to remove part of my large intestine which left me with a temporary ileostomy. Having been totally unfamiliar with the ins and outs of having a bag, I woke up feeling incredibly anxious about what was to happen in the coming months and how it would affect my day-to-day life.

Having been incredibly active, this was a real test of my patience and ability to understand what my body was now capable of doing in terms of activity.

I was greeted by a daily stoma nurse who taught me everything that I needed to know about handling a stoma and what to expect. She was amazing and without her support I would have really struggled. She not only taught me but also my parents, who looked after me 24/7 throughout the process, on what to expect both physically and mentally.

Now I know and understand what Colostomy UK have to offer both through their support and the literature that they produce, it would have been extremely helpful to both me and my parents for pre and post operation to have been pointed in their direction.

I learned a huge amount throughout the process and I really want to help support others, particularly to stay active.’

One of the ways Felicity is doing this is by promoting and taking part in our new Tag Rugby League activity for 2019.

If you’d like to take part or want more information please email giovanni.cinque@colostomyuk.org or call 0118 939 1537

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