Colostomy Association Facebook group hits 4,000 members

31 March, 2016

The Colostomy Association’s Facebook Support Group has hit a new milestone this week as it reaches 4,000 members.

The Facebook Support Group is a safe, welcoming online support space where people with a stoma are able to share advice, tips and support with each other. As a ‘closed’ group, posts can only be seen my other members of the group which ensures members can feel that anything they post will be safe and confidential.

The Colostomy Association set up the closed Facebook group six years ago in September 2009 as the charity felt an online support service was needed for ostomates across the UK.

Sarah Squire, Colostomy Association Trustee and Facebook Group administrator said: “It is fantastic to see the Facebook Support Group reach 4,000 members – our group benefits from the collective information and knowledge of our members.

“The advice in the group is fast and thorough – people can have answers to problems literally in minutes, and as we have a lot of international members as advice is 24 hours a day.”

Visit our Facebook Support Group and register to become a member.

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