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Richard Biddle: Writer & Researcher

Richard joined the team in September 2016 and splits his time between Colostomy UK and the Open University, where he teaches, writes and researches, social and medical history. Richard regularly contributes to Tidings. His pieces in mainstream media raise awareness about the issues that ostomates face and at the same time benefit Colostomy UK’s public profile. Richard also writes much of our literature and represents us in a number of projects where we are collaborating with other charities and healthcare professionals.

A voracious reader, Richard munches his way through everything from poetry and graphic novels to biographies, short stories and novels. Although his favourite authors are John Steinbeck, William Boyd, Douglas Coupland and W. G. Sebold, he’ll pretty much give anything a go, particularly if it is set in the Victorian or Edwardian periods and/or involves stories about people living on the margins of society. He chose a quote by Ray Bradbury to sum up his love of books: ‘There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them’.

You can contact Richard direct by e-mail: richard.biddle@colostomyuk.org or by phone. If you fancy reading some of his recent articles then click here.

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