Our Story

“My partner Ruairidh suffered from ulcerative colitis for 4 years. This severely affected his quality of life, we couldn’t even go for a walk as we didn’t know when he would need the toilet.

Since having his colostomy bag fitted in June he has come on leaps and bounds. His recovery from surgery has been so amazing! We have finally been able to go on drives and adventures with our families and friends, and the surgery has meant my partner can live his life again.

I wanted to start a Stoma 66 team so that myself, my partner and my family can raise awareness of what stoma surgery is, and show that for many people suffering from Crohn’s and colitis, it may mean a better quality of life. Our team is going to accomplish 2,500km and more between us!”

Who can Join?

Our team is going to be comprised of friends and family, but  anyone else who wants to support us and add to our total is welcome!

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