Andrew Bird – Clinical Trustee

Andrew lives in Derbyshire with his wife Julie and the youngest of their four grown-up children.

Andrew became a Registered Nurse in 2002 and has since gained experience in Nottinghamshire, within the fields of colorectal surgery, critical care and pain management before taking on the role of Lead Stoma Care Nurse at the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham in 2015. Since then, he has worked with ostomates, nurses, industry and support groups towards improving the lives of those living with a stoma.

He has been actively involved with Association of Stoma Care Nurses UK (ASCN) as an area representative and with the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET) scientific committee prior to becoming Honorary Treasurer for ASCN in 2019 and then Chair in 2021.

Andrew was awarded the British Journal of Nursing Stoma Care Nurse of the Year award 2019 for his work in developing a seven-day stoma care service at the QMC. In 2019 Andrew also commenced in his current role as Clinical Lead for Connect Prescription Services at Fittleworth Medical Limited.

Andrew is thrilled to be joining Colostomy UK as Clinical Trustee and to be involved in this exciting period of development that the charity is undergoing.

Q & A with Andrew

Q – What motivated to you to become a trustee of Colostomy UK and how did that come about?

Colostomy UK has been a valuable resource for me to signpost people to during my day-to-day clinical activity so when the opportunity became available to be part of that I jumped at the chance.

Q – What do you think you have to offer to the charity as a trustee?

Our board of trustees has a wide range of skills needed to effectively manage a charity such as ours. My role within the group is to provide clinical input into discussions highlighting the clinical implications of our work, the viewpoint of stoma care nurses and the wider healthcare system.

Q- What have you gained from your role as a trustee?

Working with the trustees and the volunteers of the organisation has helped me to provide a better service for the people living with a stoma that I meet during my working day.

Q – Why do you think charities matter?

Charities like Colostomy UK carry out invaluable work that would otherwise be left undone. Supporting ostomates when other support systems are unable, raising awareness of living with a stoma and empowering those doing so to live their best life.

Q- How do you look after yourself so that you can look after others?

I have a fantastic wife that takes the lead on this and allows trips to the golf course with our sons which provides exercise, relaxation, enjoyment, and frustration in equal measure!

Q – What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of becoming a trustee?

Give it a go! Great things can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone and you will be doing it with a group of people that share the same interests or goals.

Q – What’s the one thing you were fearful of in becoming a trustee?

Not being useful or able to offer value. Generally, I am concerned if I cannot help in a situation or if I am surplus to requirements and this was no exception.


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