Current Projects

Our projects are run to help empower ostomates

Caring for a person with a stoma

Our ‘Caring for a person with a stoma’ project provides both professional carers and family members with practical advice and guidance on how to care for someone with a stoma.

The project allows individuals, support groups, care home and agency staff and reablement teams to benefit from an intensive two-hour workshop that covers everything from stoma management, to a guide to different appliances, common concerns, support from Stoma Care Nurses, and psychological issues connected with having a stoma.

By educating care staff on the practical and emotional side of stoma care we can directly improve the quality of life of those ostomates who need regular care and support.

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Active ostomates

Our Active Ostomates project is all about helping people to get active after surgery, improving their physical and mental wellbeing, and getting their lives back on track as soon as possible.

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