Oliver Gwynne – Digital Marketing Manager

Oliver joined the team in December 2018 bringing with him a mixed bag of marketing skills and experience; he has worked on everything from metal coatings to the civil service! Such versatility is very welcome at Colostomy UK, where Oliver will be using everything he’s got to promote our charity and tell as many people as possible about the work we do to support and empower ostomates.

He might be the ‘new’ boy, but there is no holding him back… Speaking at the end of his first week, he said: “My aim is to make us THE place for people to turn”. It also didn’t take him long to work out that “The world at large simply doesn’t know what a stoma is or how living with one can change a person’s life” In Oliver’s view, “We could do more to spread the word”. The rest of the team couldn’t agree more.

We are very pleased to have Oliver on board. He even doesn’t mind us referring to him as the token northerner. Coming from Sheffield, he is forever singing the praises of stainless steel and Henderson’s Relish.

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